President Uhuru Kenyatta drinking alcohol after he opened EABK Kisumu plant. Right is blogger Pauline Njoroge.

President Uhuru Kenyatta loves the bottle and has publicly sipped the alcohol but one of his bloggers discussing his drinking on social media has surprised Kenyans.

Pauline Njoroge, a Jubilee blogger and Communication Specialist New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) wondered why some people call Uhuru a drunkard yet it is not a secret he is.

She said those calling Uhuru mlevi are drunkards than him and that they spend their time in pubs binging.

Pauline Njoroge with President Uhuru Kenyatta. [Photo: File]
“So you woke up on 4th of March 2013 and voted for Uhuru. Woke up again on 8th August and 26th October 2017 and once again voted for Uhuru. But nowadays you spend your days on social media calling him mlevi as if the guy has just discovered alcohol or as if you just landed from outer space aboard a flying saucer?” she asked.

President Uhuru Kenyatta receiving a bottle of Champagne at a past event. [Photo: Courtesy]
Pauline added; “Some of those calling Uhuru mlevi ni waminyota! Maturaga baa megangaraga kuo!”.

“You spend time calling Uhuru mlevi as if the guy has just discovered alcohol”

Her sentiment however did not go unchallenged by sections of Kenyans who feel Uhuru is not taking Kenya the promised path. Sample these reactions.

Karimi Karimi Only a drunkard will call someone kimundu kiguruki and the next day he calls him “my brother “. Tunajua tabia za walevi because they live within us.

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Kariuki Jon Walker Kwanini unaumwa tukisema Dereva ni Mlevi lakini huongei tukisema Makanga ni Mwizi.

Gakiha Weru Mimi ni mlevi. I love my ka-nuthu-24/7. But then, the wellbeing of 45 million Kenyans is hardly my job.

Kang’ethe Njoroge Woiye.. Aki siku hizi una struggle kumtetea.. Mimi nilichoka… Kabisaa. I am so embarrassed I voted for him. SMH….


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