Would you be laughing if ‘twa twa’ Pastor was your mum? Kigutha asks

Muigai wa Njoroge (Kigutha) and Pastor Susan Munene.

Though Pastor Susan Munene of Overcomes Hope Ministries in Kasarani left many excited after a video clip of her advising married couples to enjoy sex everywhere emerged, there are some people upset by her discussing bed matters publicly.

Speaking at a seminar she revealed how with her husband do “twa twa” (have sex) in car and kitchen. The video went viral and even her husband Pastor Joseph Munene came out supporting her.

Kikuyu musician Muigai wa Njoroge aka Kigutha is among those who faulted Pastor Susan saying she erred in talking about sex in the open, an issue perceived as an abomination.

Kigutha’s Facebook post but he later deleted it.

Kigutha asked those cheering her whether they would do the same if she was their mum.

“Ati twa twa twa. Gikuyu, the private and embarrassing matters are the ones making you happy instead of being sad. Are you sure if it was your mother talking sex matters in the public you would be laughing?” Kigutha posted on his Facebook page but later deleted it.

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He added; “Bed issues remain there. To make matters worse it is a woman talking this. Her elders should summon her and reprimand her. I am embarrassed”.

Pastor Susan Munene and Pastor Joseph Munene.


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