Mary Mueni bite off Boniface Nyang'au's ear (Left).

A 40-year-old man is nursing serious injuries in his left ear and leg after his wife bite him during a fight in their house at Riuriro area of Juja, Kiambu County.

Boniface Nyang’au was battered by his wife Mary Mueni, 40. When he fell down she bite off his ear and chased him out of the house.

Boniface Nyang’au badly bitten ear.

The father of four who earns a living from digging latrines said Mueni later burnt his clothes. He is now begging residents to help calm Mueni but locals fear the huge woman.

“She beats me a lot. Now I am in pain and I cannot go back there because she will beat me again” Nyang’au said.

Mary Mueni bite of husband’s ear. leg.

Nyang’au says he took Mueni when she was very thin, fattened her and now she has turned to beating him but Mueni, a bartender said the husband was not responsible, is a drunkard and has allegedly abandoned her and the family.

Mueni accused husband of failing to sexually satisfy her

“Yes I bite off his ear after he attacked me. We fight often. He started the fight. He drinks a lot, fails to pay rent and take care of our kids” Mueni said.

She also bite him in the leg.

She added; “I have solely taken care of our kids for three years. I was forced to work as barmaid to bring them up”.

She also revealed that Nyang’au had failed to satisfy her sexual needs because of his excessive drinking.


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