Kameme TV's Wangeci wa Kariuki (L) and Kigumo MP Wangari Mwaniki (R).

Poor journalism has become part of Kameme TV’s morning show with the host Wangeci wa Kariuki turning the Kenyatta family-owned station as platform to settle scores with her nemesis using half-baked information.

Relying on unverified information from village bloggers, Wangeci turned her gun on Kigumo MP Wangari Mwaniki in what seemed like a beef of sort she harbours.

It started with a text by a blogger on Monday morning who claimed that the area MP is yet to connect her small village with electricity.

He went on to claim that Wangari has vowed not to help the said Ihiga Iguru village and the bigger Mathare-ini area on grounds she was not voted well there.

Wangeci wa Kariuki attacked Kigumo MP using unverified text message.

The unsubstantiated information gave the seemingly angry Wangeci fodder to pour her anger on the MP, a move against the code of journalism.

Though the said area is not connected to the grid, it is not an isolated case. Many areas in Kigumo are yet to get connected. (Watch video below)

A better part of Mathare-ini is power connected including the shopping centre but the journalist failed to check the facts on the ground.

The host ranted; “That thing of saying you were not voted in a certain area that you will not deliver services; you think that is your money? That is not your money. It belongs to ‘Wanjiku’. That MP should be told that”.

Kigumo MP Wangari Mwaniki inspecting development in the area.

Professional journalism demands that such a grievance be given fair hearing. She should have called the MP to find out if money had been allocated for power connection to Ihiga Iguru, if why the delay? And if not when will the locals enjoy the connection.

Unprofessionalism by some Kameme TV anchors has destroyed the reputation of the station under Mediamax stable.


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