Handcart operators in Nairobi forcing their way through traffic. [Photo: Courtesy]

Some handcart pullers are reckless, ‘untouchable’ and though they are not above the law the Nairobi county government can now do very little to tame them.

Reason? Currently there are no laws to regulate them because the regulations employed during the defunct system of local government were abolished when new constitution was enacted in 2010 and subsequent enactment of the County Governments Act 2012.

Though convenient means of transport and a livelihood in the busy city, Nairobi County Assembly is upset with some errant mkokoteni operators who ignore traffic rules and operate recklessly but City Hall is hindered from taking long term actions.

Mkokoteni operator involved in accident with a motorist. [Photo: Courtesy]
The county Public Works, Roads and Transport department is betting on approval of Nairobi City County Public Transport and Traffic Bill, 2018 to reign on the mikokoteni and trolley operators.


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