Why musician Betty Bayo is lonely and angry

Betty Bayo.

Gospel musician and ex-wife of controversial Pastor Victor Kanyari is craving for true love from a man who will adore and treat her as she is.

Betty Bayo in revelations on her social media pages portrays a lady yearning for love, apparently her first real love.

She is lonely going by what she has been posting and also hidden in her messages is that she is also very angry.

Yesterday Bayo said she wants a man who will appreciate who she is.

“To my future husband and God fearing, short, focused, chocolate in colour, very jovial and I snore” she stated.

She also revealed how she fell for Kanyari when she was an innocent girl promised love and happy marriage.

In less than a month after she met him she was married and in no time got pregnant for the first and subsequent child.

Victor Kanyari with his daughter Sky Victor and son.

“For those saying I am still in love, yes it’s true in love with my future not past. If God was not a forgiving God I deserved to be in a Christian jail. If I didn’t die of depression, high blood pressure then I assure you am living to 100 and something years. Am vaccinated for depression” she wrote on her Facebook page.

She regretted how she walked into Kanyari’s world having not known his full names.

She did a lot of ridiculous things to make him happy and prompt him marry her in a beautiful, fancy wedding but that promise was never honoured.

Shocking she bleached her skin and walked in high heels to fit the description Kanyari wanted in a wife. That is; a tall, light-skinned woman.

Bayo with Ben Githae.

“I decided to remove my legs from the sac, mimi huyoo River Road I bleached my skin nimfurahishe. The next thing he told me he will marry me if only I was a bit taller, wee my friend nilikua natembea na high heels throughout karibu niende nazo kwa choo” she disclosed few days ago.

Recently it was claimed she was in love with fellow gospel singer Ben Githae after she posted a photo with him saying;

“If God can take away something you never expected losing, He can replace it with something you’ve never imagined having.”



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