Why Murang’a court clerk was killed at his home in Kirinyaga

The court clerk was beaten and burnt to death.

Residents of Gitumbi village in Kirinyaga county killed their own who was a court clerk at Murang’a Law Courts after he attacked mourners in bid to stop burial plans of his son.

Stanley Mureithi Muriuki aged 45 was beaten senselessly then set on fire and his house too by locals after he attacked mourners who were making burial preparations of his teenage son at his homestead.

He arrived on Friday at around 7pm, picked and axe and started chasing them away. Frightened mourners screamed and when residents responded they beat him mercilessly.

Scene of crime at Gitumbi village, Kirinyaga county. [Photo: Courtesy]
His son had committed suicide. Muriuki had abandoned him after he chased away his first wife. He had also warned that he would not be buried on his land and if it happened he would have him exhumed.


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