Why Kigumo division has produced two waziris in Uhuru administration

CAS Kinuthia and CS Macharia's villages in Kigumo.

Two members of Cabinet in the government of Uhuru Kenyatta hails from Kigumo division in Murang’a county.

The two are Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia and Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) for Education Zack Kinuthia.

Their villages are barely 11 kilometres apart.

Macharia hails from a vibrant Gachocho village while Kinuthia is from Gatitu, a sleepy village which shot to prominence after he was appointed the CAS by President in January this year.

CS James Macharia.

So, why did Uhuru give two powerful slots to this area?

It is said that Uhuru’s fondness of Kigumo started after the first area MP Kariuki Njiiri sacrificed his seat for Mzee Jomo Kenyatta in 1961.

Kariuki surrendered his Legislative Council (Legco) to Kenyatta to enable him participate in negotiation of independence in Britain.

CAS Zack Kinuthia.

This later facilitated Kenyatta’s rise to Prime Minister and later founding President of the independent Kenya.

Kenyattas rewarded the area and besides the cabinet posts, some high-profile individuals in the government hails from Kigumo.


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