Why Kimani wa Turacco sang in praise of Paloma

"I was touched with difficulties Paloma was going through. I decided to sing about it"-Wa Turacco


Kimani Wa Turacco composed Paloma in praise of the Mexican Soaps actress Allison Lozz, then 18-year-old who acted as Paloma in En nombre del amor (In the name of love) that premiered on Citizen TV in 2010.

Wa Turacco alias BigKim says contrary to what people thought he never romanticised living with the beautiful actress. He loves his wife and daughter. The drive to compose the song was coincidental.

Musician Kimani wa Turacco alias BigKim

“I am not a fun of soap operas but I love developing songs from soaps especially those that are a hit locally” he says.

In the song he warns Paloma of her aunt Carlota who acted a “murderer”. He urges Paloma to come to Kenya where he can stay peacefully and happily with him at Ruai area.

Developing it started sometime in 2010 when, while sick he spent three days indoors that he realised her daughter, Diana Kimani then in class five was getting emotional watching the soap opera that she even wept.

“I got interested and did research on the soap” he reveals. After conceptualising it he was touched with what Paloma was going through that he composed the song.

With the help of her daughter and wife he produced the song. When it hit airwaves he received emails from people purporting to be Paloma claiming they wanted to visit him.


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