Why former Nyeri MP will never forgive Kibaki

Kihoro and his late wife gave Kibaki Sh16 millions for campaigns.

Once Buddies: Wanyiri Kihoro and Mwai Kibaki.

Former Nyeri Town MP Wanyiri Kihoro and retired President Mwai Kibaki were once close friends but today Kihoro would not wish an encounter with Kibaki and even forgiving him for years-old betrayal would be an uphill task.

Kihoro and his late wife Dr Wanjiru Kihoro gave Kibaki Sh16 million in 2002 for presidential race campaigns. He won with a landslide but for four years Wanjiru was hospitalised Kibaki never visited her and neither helped them.

“Even today I have not changed my view on Kibaki if that is what friendship is about” Kihoro told KTN. Kihoro and his wife were very instrumental in Kibaki’s win in December 2002.

Busia plane crash in January 2003 that claimed Minister, two pilots and injured others.

In January 2003 Wanjiru accompanied Ministers and MPs to Moody Awori’s homecoming event but during take-off from Busia airstrip their plane crashed, killing a Minister, two pilots and seriously injuring others. Wanjiru went into a coma until she died in October 2006.

After the tragedy Kibaki allegedly cut links with Kihoro but wanted to attend the funeral. Kihoro says he told him not to dare show up at his home.

Wanyiri kihoro taking care of his wife while in Coma in hospital. [Photo: Courtesy]
“My wife was in coma for four years. She was in Nairobi Hospital for two years and later in Kenyatta National Hospital for two years but Kibaki who is neighbour of Nairobi Hospital never found time to visit her” Kihoro lamented.

“i told kibaki to keep off my wife’s burial”-Kihoro

He posed; “When my wife died Kibaki wanted to attend the funeral. I told him to keep off. If he could not visit her when she was dying slowly in hospital what was the point of visiting her when she was dead?”

On burial day Kibaki reached Nyeri and when it became hard to convince Kihoro to allow him attend he was driven back to Nairobi humiliated.


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