Businessman Peter Wambugu

What started as an attempt to cut down weight became an odd lifestyle for Peter Wambugu who residents of Kahawa west find him strange because of his eating patterns.

In late 2017 Wambugu, 36 weighed 85 kilogrammes but decided to skip meals to slim down but today he goes for a week to 10 days surviving on few fruits and no meals or tea at all.

He has managed to cut down dozens kilogrammes and though he finds surviving on water and few fruits a normal thing, residents and friends believe he is a weird man. Some relatives have suggested a pastor to ‘exorcise’ his loathe for what he terms ‘unnecessary’ food consumption.

“They can’t understand how some apples bananas and three litres of water keep me going for a day. Even my wife thinks I secretly eat in hotels” says Wambugu.

Peter Wambugu posing near one of his cars.

The father of three is in eggs supplying business making profit of up to Sh10, 000 daily but spends less than Sh2, 000 monthly on his food monthly.

“Whatever the family want to eat I buy them but I keep off food. Not that I am mean but I love my body. Water is enough and few fruits. Eat when your body demands. Why junk your body? This is why some people will live with ailments they can’t figure out” he says.

Wambugu loved the bottle, nyama choma and hanging out with friends and today he spends his free time with them, often settling their food and drinks bills but drinking water only.

“It is a decision I made and will stick with it. The time I eat I take simple meals like githeri or ugali with veggies. When my wife prepares meat I take soup but no tea. I can’t recall the last time I took tea” he says.


  1. Peter Wambugu is simply on intermittent fasting. It’s the most healthy way to loose weight which doesn’t leave a lot of your skin hanging. The body learned to run on the stored fat in the body system. Congrats to him it’s never easy#wearewhatweeat


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