While a student musician Phyllis Mbuthia planned to kill herself

Gospel singer Phyllis Mbuthia.

Her stunning tone and cheerful nature don’t betray her past but unknown to many the award winning gospel singer and actress Phyllis Mbuthia plotted to commit suicide when she was in secondary school.

In 2010 she was in Form three and had quarreled with nearly all relatives that she felt she was not worth living anymore. She plotted to end her life. Either hang herself, take poison or hurl herself to speeding vehicle. She settled on the idea of dying on the road.

Phyllis Mbuthia accompanied by her family as she received Song of The Year Central Counties Groove Award in 2016.

“It was in March on a Sunday I woke up at 4am and walked to the main road in Nakuru. My intent was to throw myself in front of speeding vehicle but when I got there I sat down and started recalling things I have gone through. I wept and despised myself but a good idea changed my intent” Phyllis confesses.

Phyllis Mbuthia with her husband Stephen Njoroge.

The 28-year-old Groove Awards Winner of the hit songs; Githe Tiwe Ngai and Muheani (Feat. Sammy Irungu) was born in Karungaru in Bahati, Nakuru County. She dropped out of school at Form one to be a house-help then returned school but clashed with kins.

“i wanted to hang myself, drink poison or throw myself to speeding vehicle”

“When I was in secondary school I lived with my aunt but we quarreled a lot. I felt she was tiring me so I went to stay with my brother but I was unable to live with his wife” Says the mother of two.

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“I scrutinised myself and I thought I was the problem. I had wrangled with many relatives that I felt I didn’t have relationship skills. I opted to stay alone and that moment the thought of hanging myself came” Phyllis says.

Phyllis Mbuthia and Sammy waweru acting in the film “Kurimira Wendo”.

She scored 397 marks in KCPE but her tribulations started after she was admitted at St Georges Secondary School in Lanet which she perceived far below her grades. She misbehaved so she could be expelled and it happened in the first term. She joined a different school many months later.


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