Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards fans fighting at Nyayo stadium in 2014. [Courtesy]

Anarchy in local soccer matches did not start the other day. Way back in 1980s the scenario witnessed today in stadiums also.

When the late Kenneth Matiba was the minister for culture and social services unruly Gor Mahia supporters stoned and beat up Shabana FC fans during a match on July 14, 1985 at Nyayo National Stadium.

Gor was leading 1-0 but when their rivals equalized and chaos erupted. Well, Gor went ahead to win 3-1 but things were tough on Matiba in the Parliament a week later.

Legislators infuriated by the incident demanded to know what stern actions his ministry planned to take. Earlier in the year hooliganism during the matches had resulted in deaths.

Kenneth Matiba in 1970s. He said it was claimed Kikuyus sold stones to rival football clubs fans [Photo: File]
Matiba while on the floor of Parliament on July 25, 1985 surprised the MPs when he claimed he was privy to allegations Kikuyus sold stones to rival football clubs at the stadiums.

“Sometimes people allege that at the stadium you get Abaluhya and the Luo going to watch football and the Kikuyu would be selling stones…we will not allow in stones, bottles, cans or any of those possible missiles” Matiba claimed.

He said fans sneaked stones in their pockets and others on their heads concealed in hats. “I now know where to look for the stones next time” he said. The issue called even the intervention of then Attorney-General Mathew Guy Muli.


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