Kamande wa kioi (left), President Uhuru Kenyatta (Centre) and Muigai wa Njoroge (Right).

Dirty fight is simmering between Kikuyu artists supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta versus those for his Deputy William Ruto on leadership matters and 2022 politics.

Pro-Uhuru singers led by Kamande wa Kioi have vowed to defend Uhuru and even go physical with fellow musicians like Muigai wa Njoroge (Kigutha) who they claim are ‘attacking’ the president.

“We will disown artists who will sing insults. He/she will find venues to perform. We don’t fear and we can even fight them physically. We have declared that Uhuru will not be insulted again in songs” Kioi stated.

Pro-Uhuru musicians led by Kamande wa kioi and Ben Githae meeting at Homeland Hotel.

Kioi and other musicians including Ben Githae, a Kigutha nemesis met at Homeland Hotel and said though they want peace they will not hesitate to counter fellow artists and politicians allegedly insulting Uhuru.

Without mentioning names they ostensibly directed their anger on Kigutha who recently composed Tukunia (Homeguards) song telling Uhuru he is surrounded by selfish people who are misleading him.

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The song has received applaud by those who elected Uhuru but the pro-president singers are not happy.

“It is said we are not together but it is just some people coming up with songs and then it is claimed theirs is the stance of all Kikuyu singers. We will kick them out of some venues. We will fight them back with songs and physically” Kioi vowed.


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