Inside Inooro TV studio.

A local research firm ranked the three-year-old Inooro TV that broadcasts in Kikuyu language as the second most popular television station in the cosmopolitan Nairobi region, overtaking decades old stations but the ranking is doubted.

Kenya Audience Research Firm (KARF) ranked Royal Media Services-owned Inooro TV second to its sister station Citizen TV, ‘beating’ KTN, NTV, KTN News, K24 and KBC.

However, the same firm ranked Inooro TV position seven in Central region where the market is largely Kikuyus. Fellow media players have disputed the polling saying it was skewed to favour the Royal Media Services (RMS).

The CEOs from Nation Media Group, The Standard Group, Radio Africa, Capital Group and Kenya Broadcasting Corporation held a media briefing that RMS and Mediamax bosses skipped. They cast doubts on the authenticity of the KARF findings.

Kenyan journalists at work. Local research firm ranks Inooro TV as second most popular station. [Photo: Courtesy]
They silently questioned how Inooro TV beat the other top stations, who financed the poll survey and how it was conducted.

ipsos also ranked inooro tv 5th with 4.8% and kameme sharing 0.3% audience with other stations

“As key players in the industry and having invested millions of dollars in infrastructure and media content, we are extremely concerned that this poor and unreliable research data is very detrimental to our industry,” the CEOs said in a protest letter to KARF.

They questioned the sample size of 2, 800 households used to represent over 40 million Kenyans. They said it is not large enough for such a survey and has been in use for far too long.

Two years ago RMS paid Ipsos to conduct survey that claimed Citizen TV was leading with 62.5% market share, followed by NTV with 15.7%, then KTN with 12.2 %, Inooro TV with 4.8% and then K24 with 4.5% market share.  The remainder 0.3% they claimed watch the other dozen stations including popular Kameme TV.


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