Waruguru says Atwoli needs mental check-up

WaKikuyu wa Kisasa ni washenzi-Atwoli.

Cate Waruguru (Left) has advised Francis Atwoli (Right) to see psychiatrist.

Laikipia Women Rep Cate Waruguru has reacted to Cotu Secretary-General Francis Atwoli’s insult that Kikuyus ni washenzi (fools).

Waruguru said Atwoli is behaving like “a dog with rabies”, saying he need mental check-up at Mathari Mental Hospital. She likened his bling blings to dog’s chain.

“In his right senses Atwoli said Kikuyus ni washenzi. It is well known if you see a dog walking around with a chain, barking then know it has rabies and it needs medical help” she stated.

Cotu Sec-General Francis Atwoli termed Kikuyus as washenzi. [Photo: Courtesy]
Waruguru added; “In Kikuyu traditions an elder or a man we can ask for guidance do not put on dog chains on their necks or open their shirt to show their chest”. (See Video Below)

On Sunday Atwoli said; “We can’t have two centres of powers in the same government. Na nyinyi Wakikuyu wa kisasa, nyinyi ni washenzi sana. I don’t think hata mwenye aliyesema Mwai Kibaki tosha alikuwa Raila”.

Waruguru said she did not expect such statement (Watch Video Below) from a leader who is like her grandpapa.


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