Waruguru asks for prayers to cleanse terminus used for mock funeral

Some Nanyuki matatu operators conducting mock burial of Cate Waruguru. [Photo: Courtesy]

Laikipia Women Rep Cate Waruguru has urged Nanyuki matatu operators and clerics to hold prayers at the bus park where a mock burial of her was conducted yesterday by a section of matatu operators.

“I am now urging the bona-fide matatu owners to organise a prayer meeting to pray for them, forgive the perpetrators for the heinous act of burying a coffin at the bus park, we call upon the religious community to hold a prayer meeting to cleanse the bus park and Matatus in general”

A group of matatu operators held mock funeral of Waruguru with a dummy coffin and a cross, protesting what they claimed Waiguru’s hand in the influx of small cars operating as matatus that have outwitted the larger matatus.

Laikipia Women Rep Cate Waruguru. [Photo: Courtesy]
The vocal MP said cartels and political rivals were behind the protest to taint her name for being voice of the voiceless.

“Operators had a procession carrying a dummy coffin, cross and photos of the MP”

“This was with the help of enemies of the people of Laikipia ostensibly disguised in the name democracy and freedom of demonstrations and picketing. These are our enemies and unworthy competitors” she said.

Protesters holding mock burial at Nanyuki terminus. [Photo: Courtesy]
“Am ready to mediate because Laikipia is greater than an individual. Business is a competition and should be done fairly for by the end of the day everybody need food on the table” Waruguru stated.


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