Investigator: Wangui plotted to harm Kori’s whole family

Mobile subscriber and security guards gave the shocking details

Judy Wangui and her ex-fiancée Joseph Kori. [Photo: Courtesy]

Judy Wangui, the main suspect in the murder of Mary Wambui Kamangara who was the wife of businessman Joseph Kori had a bigger evil plan on Kori’s nuclear family.

Wangui in cahoots with a taxi driver James Mathenge are alleged to have killed Wambui and dumped her body near a dam in Juja on January 27.

Wangui was Kori’s mpango wa kando and fresh details indicate she was out to also harm Kori and his two children but apparently her plot did not come through.

The shocking details were divulged by Oliver Nabonwe, the investigator on the case. In a sworn affidavit Nabonwe told the Kiambu High Court that Wangui who is in police custody had trailed Kori’s family for some time.

Kori’s late wife Mary Wambui Kamangara.

Kori had already dumped her and got back to his wife Wambui, so Wangui was out to revenge.

“Wangui’s full plot was to harm the entire family of four”-Investigator

“We have established that on January 25, Wangui was stalking the deceased’s family and had spent time trailing them at their residential house at Safari Park estate,” Nabonwe revealed.

Nabonwe said his disclosure is supported by statements from Wangui’s mobile subscriber and security guards at Safari Park Estate.

“We are not certain that the deceased was her main and only target, and if the accused is released on bond, the safety of the bereaved family, who are key witnesses in this matter, cannot be assured.” Nabonwe advised the court.


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