Wamatangi nearly wept while discussing his demolished businesses

Senator Kimani Wamatangi on NTV discussing his demolished businesses.

Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi was emotional as he explained, live on television why businesses he run for 20-years at Nyayo Stadium, Nairobi were brought down by the dreaded green Sany bulldozer.

Wamatangi fought back tears on NTV’s morning show as he alleged that demolition of his car wash, building housing hotel and stalls sitting on a Kenya Railways’ reserve was intended to cripple him.

Kenya Railways is flattening structures on railway line reserve. They have so far cleared Nyayo Stadium, Mbagathi, Githurai 45 and Mwiki areas but Wamatangi insisted his case was a grudge.

“What happened is convergence of interests of people who probably who thought that they can take the place where we have been and do their business or others just hate you for who you are, whichever community you come from and others think you are not supposed to succeed” Wamatangi claimed.

Bulldozer demolishing Wamatangi’s businesses at Nyayo Stadium. [Photo: Courtesy]
In the exercise his Super Clean Shine carpet and car wash and a structure housing Prime Place Restaurant, pharmacy, salon, boutique and cosmetics shop was demolished.

An emotional Wamatangi fought back tears live on NTV

“I applied for a lease at Kenya Railways and I have been making payments to them regularly for that land. We had an agreement I know I am not above the law. They leased me with certain terms that included giving me notice if I have to move”. he said.

Kenya Railways said Wamatangi’s businesses encroached railway line land. [Photo: KR]
He claimed his businesses was a livelihood for youths from Kibera, Mukuru kwa Njenga and Githurai.  “I don’t want to give satisfaction to those that intended to do what they did. To bring me down. Or probably believe that they could cripple me” he said.



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