Wamama given new smile to charm women more

Wamama getting new teeth fixed at Merident Dental.

Kilimani Mums and Dads Facebook pages fanatic and entertainer Desmond Otieno Owino aka Wamama has been given a new smile that will enthrall women more. Women are his top fans.

Wamama also nicknamed Mfalme Tajiri had his teeth fixed at Merident Dental clinic at Gill House, Tom Mboya Street. He was mocked for his toothless state that made him speak in amusing way.

Wamama, 31 became popular for sharing posts, photos and videos on Facebook pages while he worked in Oman. He is popular with women who say he kills their boredom. Others have gone further to seek relationship with him.

Wamama while at Oman.

He flew back in April and since then he has been treated to feasting and merriment and visit to his family in Korogocho by his fans.

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It is claimed he lost his teeth while he was still a young boy. It was reportedly as a result of an anti-bacteria dose. He will take a week or more for his new teeth to hold fully.


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