Waititu: Sonko behaves like a joker yet he’s a grandfather

Governors Ferdinard Waititu and Mike Sonko at a past event. [Photo: Courtesy]

Kiambu Governor Ferdinard Waititu aka Babayao has broken his silence on his Nairobi counterpart’s ‘betrayal’ in August last year.

Waititu appearing on NTV recently dismissed Governor Mike Sonko’s claims they smoked bhang in Parliament toilet. He said though Sonko is his friend, he forgets he is a grandfather and should watch out on his behaviours.

“I respect him. He comes from a humble background and has worked hard to get where he is but sometimes he behaves like a joker and already he is a grandfather”, Waititu said.

He continued; “Because I know him well, I never take him seriously. He arrested my wife and I tried to beg him to release her but he exposed our conversation. When I called Sonko he promised he was working on it but kumbe he was too disciplining me”.

When Waititu’s wife Susan Wangare was arrested and arraigned in court by Sonko’s officers. [Photo: Courtesy]
Waititu’s wife Susan Wangare together with their causal labourers were arrested by Nairobi County Officers for renovating and expanding two city houses belonging to Waititu without requisite approvals.

“Because I know Sonko well, I never take him seriously. He arrested my wife”

Later this year Sonko while on Citizen TV claimed that with Waititu when they were MPs they hid bhang in socks and would smoke it in Parliament toilets but Waititu claimed he has never smoked weed nor taken alcohol.

He advised Sonko; “We have such a big responsibility heading the counties so we need to be serious”.


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