Governor Anne Waiguru.

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has dropped her suit against musician King Kaka over “Wajinga Nyinyi” song she claims was mentioned adversely.

The song released last weekend dwells on issues bedeviling Kenya in the hands of corrupt, gluttonous leaders.

It was a hit and among those who were mentioned is Waiguru who retained a lawyer to sue King Kaka. She shared the demand letter on her twitter and Facebook account but three prominent lawyers volunteered to defend Kaka.

Waiguru’s Twitter post today, dropping the case against King Kaka.

Kenyans castigated and hurled insults at Waiguru and dared her to proceed with the suit. Telling her it was a blessing that would trigger revolution.

Insiders say Waiguru chickened out fearing her move would trigger revolt that would bring down the Jubilee administration.

Today, she said she would not continue with the matter saying he is a confused attention seeker.

Musician King Kaka.

“Having watched the antics of King Kaka in the last couple of days with reports of fake assassination attempts and DCI summons, I recognize that he’s a confused attention seeking young man. I have therefore made the decision not to proceed with the King Kaka suit,” she said.


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