Wa! this is a school in Kiambu

Latrines at Kingeero Primary School in Kabete. [Photo: Courtesy]

At a time health are touted as government’s priority, our innocent children at some school are using horrible sanitation facilities.

Latrines in some schools are in horrendous state. One that looking twice calls for some spine but vulnerable pupils use them daily, some walking in barefooted.

Inside latrines at Kingeero Primary school. [Photo: Courtesy]
This is Kingeero Primary School in Kabete Constituency, Kiambu County. Photos taken by a Patrick Tetemesha Thige uncovers the agony in this school. Soggy, battered latrines with leaking roofs and nearly falling off doors.

Urinal at Kingeero Primary School. [Photo: courtesy]
Thige calling for action has urged; “Let us rise and change the narrative. This is unfair to Kingeero primary school kids. Were you a student here, a parent or a friend of the school?”

Where pupils at Kingeero Primary school are supposed to wash hands. [Photo: Courtesy]


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