Uhuru was compromised let’s pick another leader for Kikuyus, Kigutha sings

President Uhuru Kenyatta and singer Muigai wa Njoroge.

Muigai wa Njoroge alias Kigutha says President Uhuru Kenyatta is to blame for disunity in Kikuyuland.

In his latest song “Muri Mururu” (bad/bitter root), Kigutha urges the community to select another leader before it is late as “Uhuru was compromised”.

“As Kikuyus we must act now and select a new leader before it is too late because our leader (Uhuru) was compromised” Kigutha sings.

In his new song Kigutha likens situation in Kikuyu community to the Biblical story of Absalom, the song of King David who caused disunity amongst his people.

He says there is a bad root in House of Mumbi that ought to be uprooted. His fans perceive the said root as Uhuru.

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“In Kikuyuland we are fighting amongst ourselves because of an individual’s interests. This bad root dividing Kikuyus must be uprooted now. Problem in Kikuyuland is ours all and not of that family” he sings.

Kigutha calls Raila Odinga-who Uhuru refers to as brother-as the enemy of Kikuyus.


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