Uhuru tells Jubilee politicians he’s not their kihii


President Uhuru Kenyatta is angry and as he broke his silence today at Kasarani where he read riot act on Jubilee politicians.

His deputy William Ruto was also present in the Akurinu Church function where speaking in Kikuyu, Uhuru told the elected politicians that he is not their Kihii (uncircumcised boy).

Uhuru and Ruto at Kasarani.

“These leaders we elected should not think I am their uncircumcised boy. They will not stop me from taking my people where I want them to reach. I didn’t get votes from them, actually hunted votes for them. You are the ones who voted me in” Uhuru said.

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He said he will be focused on what he promised to accomplish, saying politicians especially those drawn from Mt Kenya region will not stop him.

Some of the Central region MPs in Tanga Tanga team.

“I will stand till the end. Hii uchafu will stop disturbing me. They see me quiet…..I opted to keep off politics. They should not they scare me. I will get them out of those places they go” he went on.

Uhuru told the leaders to go back their areas and focus on developments with the money they have been allocated.

“Stop going round telling us how you will be the big leader. You are going nowhere without these people” Uhuru stated.

“Sorry for speaking when I am angry but what I have talked about is what God would wish” he said.


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