To fight terrorism incorporate youths in developments – Kabogo

William Kabogo interracting with youths. He says involving youths in development agenda will tame radicalisation.

After Riverside Drive terror attack on Tuesday that left scores dead and others injured, former Kiambu Governor has advised to pay attention on youths to tame radicalisation.

The attack was executed by Kenyans radicalized by the Somali terror group Al-Shabaab. Now Kabogo says the government has to involve youths in development agenda if they yearn to tame brainwashing of youths to adopt radical stances.

He says focus on youth is significant not only because of their large demographic size, but also because of the socio-economic growth.

“An effective response would mean bringing youths together with policymakers and creating a multilayered plan that takes on all of the forces that lead to radicalisation” says Kabogo.

He calls for security institutions, civilian government agencies, and civil society organisations to discuss collaborative approaches to engaging youths.

Rescuers helping an injured person during Riverside Drive terror attack. [Photo: Courtesy]
“There is need is need to step up the level of work that brings youths together irrespective of ethnic group to ensure they are not converted as a tool for destruction but something that helps construction, “he said.

He said that especially to those in war zone like North eastern Counties access to education, vocational training and job opportunities should be presented to them through devolution.

“Through political participation, communities, and Cultural activities, young people become familiar with advocacy and build skills to think independently, to reflect critically on extreme narratives” Kabogo says.


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