Thugs milking cows in Kinangop now target funeral contributions

Thieves targeting burial contributions. [Photo: Courtesy]

Thieves who have been milking cows at night in Kinangop, Nyandarua county now have devised new ways of reaping where they have no sowed.

After their tactics of milking cows in early hours of morning and selling the milk was exposed, they have now shifted to stealing contributions made for burial arrangements.

Last week they stole Sh18, 000 from a family in Ndunyu Njeru, Kinangop that was meant for buying a casket.

Weeks ago the thugs were milking cows at night. [Photo: Courtesy]
A gang of six armed with pangas and crude weapons raided the home of Rufas Thiga, beat them up and demanded the money that had been contributed towards the burial of Thiga’s sister.

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They waited for mourners to leave before raiding. They even threatened to kill the family members.

They are the same gang that had been stealing livestock before the trend was tamed.


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