One of the five thugs killed in Juja. [Photo: Courtesy]

Cops have killed five suspected gangsters allegedly attempting to rob a business at High Point area in Juja, along Thika Superhighway. One managed to escape.

Police say the six were targeting Lexo petrol Station but were ambushed by police at around 8pm. Three firearms were recovered from them.

It is said police were alerted about the intended robbery and they laid an ambush. Thugs drove in a Volkswagen Touareg, reportedly brandished guns but police felled them down. They crashed the car as they attempted to flee.

Juja has lately become a haven for gangsters. A female JKUAT student was killed early this year, another stabbed in a separate incident.

The thug lynched last week in Juja. He was part of gang attacking students there. [Photo: Courtesy]
Also missing and suspected to have been carjacked by thugs is a taxi operator at Juja. Last week residents lynched a thug said to be part of gang targeting university and college students in Juja.



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