Thug in StanChart bank Sh72 million heist killed while robbing Kayole residents

Vincent Owuor. He was gunned down yesterday in Kayole.

One of the men who masterminded theft of Standard Chartered Bank, Nairobi West Branch last year was last evening killed while on another robbery in Kayole, Nairobi.

Wycliff Vincent Oduor, a regular police Constable was among the gang of thugs who stole Sh72 million from the bank’s ATM in September 2019. He was arrested, arraigned in court but released Sh500, 000 bond. He went back to crime.

Yesterday he was in company of two other thugs and as they were robbing residents of Kayole junction Detectives from DCI’s Special Service Unit confronted them.

Detectives had received distress call from members of the public. A shootout ensured and Oduor was gunned down as his two accomplices escaped on a motorbike.

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A pistol and kitchen knife were recovered from him.

In 2019 when Owuor and his accomplices robbed the bank they were arrested few days later while they were on their way to neighbouring Uganda.

The car Owuor bought with money they robbed bank.

Owuor had bought a Subaru Forester from the loot and from his house in Kendu Bay, Homa Bay County police recovered Sh3 million.

More others including G4S personnel were arrested in connection with the heist and arraigned in court.

After Owuor secured his freedom through a bond he started violent crime in parts of Nairobi to make ends meet.


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