The Nairobi Hospital.

Infections of COVID-19 seems to rise as the country awaits to see if President Uhuru Kenyatta will today bring to an end an year-long dusk to dawn curfew.

The virus has claimed so far killed 1, 899 people in Kenya and 111, 185 positive cases have been confirmed from test conducted on 1, 352, 126 people in Kenya.

The poor, rich, young, old, prominent and little known people have succumbed to the virus which was first reported in Kenya in March 2020.

The Nairobi Hospital has been taking care of who-is-who in Kenya and from other African nations. This week it had three prominent personalities battling the COVID-19. They are;

1. Raila Odinga.

The ODM leader was admitted at Nairobi Hospital on Tuesday after he complained of fatigue and body aches.

Raila had just completed an extensive tour of the Coast region where he met leaders and wananchi.

Raila Odinga.

He tested positive of Coronavirus last evening after numerous tests were conducted.

His personal doctor David Olunya said he is responding well to treatment and once he feels better will proceed to a mandatory quarantine.

2. John Magufuli.

The Tanzanian President is battling COVID-19 after he dismissed the existence of the virus and failed to take preventive measures for a whole year.

It was revealed he was receiving treatment at Nairobi Hospital after he went from public limelight for over a week, raising questions in his country.

opposition leader Tundu Lissu revealed he was undergoing treatment in Nairobi and that plans were underway to sneak him out of Kenya to India.

President John Magufuli.

The 61-year-old President had called for prayers and herbal-infused steam therapy to counter the virus.

High profile officials in his government have succumbed to COVID-19.

3. Ali Mahdi Muhammad.

The former Somalia President Ali Mahdi Muhammad succumbed to COVID-19 at Nairobi Hospital this week.

The 82-year-old was receiving treatment there and died three days after he was hospitalised.

Former Somalia President Ali Mahdi Muhammad.

Muhammad rose to power in January 26, 1991 after guerrilla groups under the command of tribal leaders ousted Mohamed Siad Barre, the pro-socialist dictator who had ruled Somalia since October 1969.


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