Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel has introduced a unique blend of tea that will cost an arm and a leg to drink the small cup.

The five-star hotel has blended Kenyan coffee beans with milk, 24-carat edible gold and is decorated with edible rose petals from Italy. A single cup of this concoction will go for Sh5, 500.

The hotel’s Food and Beverage Manager Mohammed says it is a gold cappuccino that is good for health. It is served in a gold cup.

The expensive tea is going for Sh5, 500.

“There are many benefits of edible gold and it is smooth on the skin. It makes you relax. It is not toxic” Mohammed says.

He adds; “The 24-karat pure gold used to garnish our special Cappuccino is 100 percent edible. The gold is an inert metal which easily passes through the human digestive system after about 24 hours unchanged without causing any harm or reaction on the body”.

Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel where the gold-laced tea has been introduced.


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