This baby has 30 days to have heart surgery or the worst strikes

Baby Precious Naseria Njau.

A five-month-old baby has until end of this month to have specialised heart surgery in India or else the worst happens.

Precious Naseria Njau has Atrioventricular Canal Defect or simply holes in her heart but though local cardiologists have recommended treatment at a hospital in India, the family cannot afford Sh1.5 million needed for the open heart surgery.

Her father Godfrey Kimani Njau says her problems started moment she was born at Umoja Hospital, taken to Mama Lucy Hospital where they claimed she was suffering from jaundice.

Baby Precious Naseria Njau medical reports.

Echo tests at Kenyatta national Hospital and Mater Hospital established baby Precious has two openings in her heart and if she is not treated by her sixth month the parents should brace for the worst.

Mater Hospital recommended corrective open heart surgery saying; “Because of the complexity of the surgery and high pressure, she is referred to India for surgery”.

Njau says though the India hospital has accepted them and put the bill at Sh1.5 million, the father of three cannot afford to foot the bill and is requesting well-wishers to assist them.

Baby Precious Naseria Njau held by her mother Grace Muthoni Njau.

From friends and family they have managed to raise Sh400, 000 and they cannot rely on The Mater Heart Run initiative to help them because it will take over six months for their turn.

“We are racing against time. I request my fellow kind Kenyans to chip in and rescue my daughter. We are at a point we urgently need of your help” Njau begs.

To assist Paybill Number is 931457

Equity bank Account; 0950178484520.  Account name: Precious Kimani

For more clarification contact Godfrey Njau 0721524253 or Grace Njau 0725519449



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