Bayo with Ben Githae.

After weeks talking about her bitter past, gospel musician Betty Bayo has decided to look for another man to marry her.

The ex-wife of Pastor Victor Kanyari has listed the characteristics she want in the man to be with her.

First, the man to win her must be a divorcee or a single father. She too has kids.

The man must be a born again and God fearing who tithes in the church and has high self-esteem.

“Sitaki mtu hajaovercome past yet I have. Mimi nisha overcome, no crying babies” she says.

Betty Bayo.

She doesn’t want a mama’s boy close to her and the suitor-to-be not too serious, Betty is not looking forward to a boring life.

He must love kids, peace and “Vaccinated to cyberbully kama hana I will give him a dose huku tunaservice by fire by force” she says.

Also not a poor chap because he must provide that bank statement and;

“Know English, we can’t both talk broken English. My fans must see the difference” she says.

Recently she revealed she had bought a new beautiful maisonette which is still under construction along Kenyatta Road in Kiambu.

Bayo’s maisonette along Kenyatta road.

The mother of two disclosed she wants a man but joked if the new hubby would move them from that comfort of big, quiet home to a rented one.


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