The ‘six-inch’ lipstick Waiguru keeps in her handbag

Waiguru with her handbag.

Women handbags carry all manner of items ranging from cosmetics, food, weapons, shoes, gadgets and other things that would shock hell out of the devil.

It is a mini-shop of a kind and apparently Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria is familiar with inside of these handbags and especially that of Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru.

Of the numerous items in Waiguru’s handbag, Kuria says he knows there is a huge lipstick.

When he was angered by Waiguru’s dereliction of Kirinyaga people, Kuria told the governor off saying she only cares of sprucing herself up with among other things a six-inch lipstick.

“There is more to public service than 6 inch lipstick and plunder of NYS resources” Kuria told Waiguru on Facebook.

A jovial Kuria.

“If you have no heart, no conscience, no passion, no connection with people’s problems, no first account with poverty, no tears, no empathy-get the hell out of public service” he added.


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