TBT: When Mansaimo na Katta wore oversize clothes

Then & Now: Mansaimo and Katta.

Mansaimo and Katta, the Kameme FM Humuka presenters have come from far to have their programme one of the top five best show on Kikuyu radio stations.

The duo, formerly of Inooro FM hosting Cua Cua Show gel well with the afternoon show on Kameme FM.

Mansaimo and Katta some years back. They wore oversize coats. [Photo: Courtesy]
Their journey was not a walk in the park from the days they were on Coro Fm. A photo has emerged of the duo, slim and donning in oversize coats.

Mansaimo and Kata today. They have learnt the tricks of dressing.

“That was the time they were starting off. They had not made a name and were neither moneyed but today ndio wao Kusema. It is a reminder where they have come from” a workmate told Gikuyu Bulletin.


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