Taking donations from politicians is not wrong, Archbishop tells Churches

Redeemed Gospel Church Archbishop Arthur Kitonga. [Photo: Courtesy]

Redeemed Gospel Church Archbishop Arthur Kitonga said it is not a sin for Churches to accept donations from politicians as it is not the role of Pastors to question the source of wealth for such leaders.

“No one should be barred from contributing to the church because they are doing it is out of their own will and ability. There is nothing wrong with them supporting churches’ development and those in need of money,” Kitonga said in Nyeri.

Deputy President William Ruto donating to a Church at a past fundraiser. [Photo: Courtesy]
The hot debate on whether Churches should accept donations from politicians was sparked by Deputy President William Ruto’s strings of church fundraisers. Even Anglican Church of Kenya archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit opposed the donations saying politicians were using that route to sanitise dirty money. He later changed tune on the matter.

Deputy President William Ruto with ACK Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit. Sapit had opposed politicians’ donations to Churches. [Photo: Courtesy]
Kitonga however said politicians should only be allowed to speak in church once the service is over.

“It is not the role of pastors to question the source of politicians’ wealth. However, my appeal to members of the clergy is not to allow politicking in church” he advised the Clergymen.


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