Grieving siblings commemorate Salim Junior’s third anniversary

If loving you alone could have saved you, you never would have left-Salim Young

Late Salim Junior [Photo: Courtesy]

Three years on after demise of popular Mugithi musician Salim Junior, his brothers and sister who have walked in his footsteps still mourn him.

Junior reportedly succumbed to chest complication in late January 2016. His burial at Subukia, Nakuru County was attended by who-is-who and thousands of his fans.

Three years on, his siblings are yet to come to terms with the loss. The youngest Salim Young made a moving tribute; “You never said you are leaving. You never said goodbye. You were gone before I knew it, and only God knows why” Young posted.

Young continued; “A million times I needed you, a million times I cried, If loving you alone could have saved you, you never would have left. I miss you always big bro. R.I.P”.

Siblings Mighty Salim (left), Sarafina Salim and Salim Young (right). They are still grieving their late brother Salim Junior

Mighty Salim told Gikuyu Bulletin his death affected him much that he gets emotional while performing whenever he remembers him.

“I am yet to accept that Salim Junior passed away. I have kept this pain to myself but those close me know it however much I try to conceal it” he bemoans.

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He says many are the times while on stage entertaining fans he breaks down into tears and before finishing his entertainment he pays tribute to him and other notable musicians who have passed away.

Salim Junior burial procession at Subukia, Nakuru in February 2016. [Photo: Courtesy]
Their sister Sarafina Salim commemorated the older brother saying; “Exactly three years ago darkness came very fast and you got your wings to fly. You rested my dear bro. You went to be with the lord. I remember you every day, I miss you so much and it hurts. I know you walk beside us”.

The revered one-man guitar musician renowned for his spectacular way of remixing Kikuyu secular and gospel songs succumbed to chest complications on January 23, 2016.


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