Nzioka Waita and Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

State House has distanced itself from reports that Kiambu County government allegedly spent Sh0.9 billion on coordination of State House functions.

Auditor-General disclosed that of Sh2.5 billion outrageous expenditure by Kiambu government in 2017/18 financial year, Sh973 million was utilised as expenditure on State House affairs.

Yesterday the big office responded after Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu was grilled by Senate Public Accounts Committee on those shocking spending. Waititu too disowned the expenditures.

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Chief of Staff in the Office of The President Nzioka Waita said the business of State House has nothing to do with county budgets.

“Just for the record, State House does not share any budgets with the County Government of Kiambu” Waita stated.

Audit shows Kiambu Government claimed to have spent Sh0.9 billion on State House affairs. [Photo: Courtesy]
Senate Committee has ordered the Auditor-General Edward Ouko to undertake special audit on Kiambu and report back to them.


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