Spot where Dedan Kimathi’s blood dripped remains bare

Spot where Dedan Kimathi while bleeding was paraded. It has remained barren for years.

Colonial home-guard Ndirangu Mau shot and wounded Field Marshall Dedan Kimathi on October 21, 1956 leading to his arrest by the British government.

Colonialists had hunted the Mau Mau leader for over 10 years. He was cornered at Kahiga-ini village in Tetu, Nyeri county. While bleeding he was paraded inside the forest as a stretcher was being made to lift him out of the woods.

His blood dripped into the soil and interestingly that spot has remained barren even after the forest was cleared in 1980s and replaced with Nyayo tea.

Dedan Kimathi when he was arrested in 1956.

“True the spot has been unproductive for years. Even those looking after the tea farm gave up on planting tea there. Nothing grows there” says Meshack Wang’ombe an area resident.

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Mzee Samuel Mugenda says it is believed Kimathi’s blood was weeping for the oppressed country.

He was shot in the morning while he was crossing a ditch dug to stop Mau Mau fighters from sneaking into the village. He had spent night at the village and was trailed by home-guards.

Colonial home-guard Ndirangu Mau who shot Kimathi.


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