Sorry I lied about my TBT photo- Senator Mwaura

Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura claimed the boy was him in 1986.

An embarrassed Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura has admitted that the photo he shared as his TBT dating back 33 years was actually not him.

The photo had an albino boy addressing fellow friends. It appears on Google and German state media Deutsche Welle (DW) as somewhere in Zambia but Mwaura claimed it was him in 1986 when he was 4 years old.

After he was busted by hawk-eyed Kenyans, he came out clearly but blamed his purported social media handlers.

The disputed photo that Senator Mwaura later admitted it was not him in 1986.

“I was surprised to wake up in New York, 7 hours behind to get inboxes about a photo that I took while young in 1986. Yes I was in nursery school and a class prefect in 1987, and this could have inspired my team to use a wrong photo that wasn’t mine to pass the message. Apologies for that. There is always a better way to do a #Tbt” he claimed.

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“Many times those who work with us do a terrific job to pass our message out there and people are able to appreciate what we do to make change. We get the credit for it. Yet at times they don’t get it right. My team always does a good job, save for incidences like these” Mwaura stated.


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