Sonko’s girlfriend loses MCA seat


Nairobi nominated MCA Habiba Hussein who has been cohabiting with Governor Mike Sonko has lost her seat.

For about two years Habiba has skipped House businesses and this has prompted the Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi to declare the seat vacant.

Before she was nominated by Jubilee, Habiba served as Sonko’s office when he was the Nairobi Senator.

Before Habiba started skipping the assembly, word was rife that with Sonko they were staying at Lilian Towers Hotel along University Way where the Governor was living at a presidential suite at a cost of over Sh300, 000 monthly.

Nairobi County Assembly. Habiba has been absent for two years.

When story of their love affair emerged in 2018 Sonko attacked the journalists following it. He advised Habiba to stay off the assembly.

“Ulitaka niweke mimba your sister or your wife”-Sonko

To one of the journalists, Sonko sent a scathing text when asked to set record straight on their relationship, purported pregnancy and her absence from the assembly.

“Ulitaka niweke mimba your sister or your wife. (You wanted me to impregnate your sister or your wife)?” Sonko texted.

He went on; “That is my private life and you know what does the law say. Take your nonsense away from me. You wanted me to impregnate your wife or sister? Answer that question first”.

Habiba now claims her absence has been occasioned by sickness that followed birth of her child in November 2018 that went wrong.


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