Sonko Vs Joho’s sightseeing double-decker buses

Nairobi Double-decker (Left) vs Mombasa Double-decker.

After Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho established a luxury sightseeing double-decker bus in partnership with private players for tourist to have better, fascinating view of Mombasa his Nairobi counterpart Mike Sonko took the cue.

Nairobi sightseeing bus.

Joho’s bus hit the roads in October last year with fanfare but Sonko’s which is his old double-decker matatu that was shaped into a sightseeing bus is not a match to Joho’s.

Mombasa County sightseeing bus.

The bus plied Buruburu route some years back before it broke down but has since roared back as a county bus for tourists to tour the city.

Inside the upper deck of Mombasa sightseeing bus.

While the Mombasa one hit the roads with pomp, the Nairobi bus is yet to be officially released for use and is only spotted parked along City Hall way.

Sonko’s old double-decker matatu that was shaped into Nairobi county sightseeing bus.

It is unclear when it will be launched with splendor if any but its interior is not splendid and comfortable as Mombasa one.


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