Sonko tells Passaris he’s not her husband to call anytime

Governor Mike Sonko and Women Rep Esther Passaris at Pumwani Police Grounds today.

Governor Mike Sonko humiliated Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris during Madaraka celebrations at Pumwani Police Grounds.

Sonko claimed Passaris has been calling her ‘incessantly’ but could not return all her calls because he is not her husband to call anytime and expect him to pick.

Mike Sonko was taken to Pumwani Police Grounds on a bodaboda.

“I am not your husband that I should answer your calls anytime you want. Let us respect one another. But on development matters I support you” Sonko told her in disrespectful way.

Passaris rose from her seat and walked away as crowd shouted at her “Kwenda huko”. Sonko told her “Kwaheri ya kuonana”.

Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris. She said Sonko has ignored her on city affairs.

Yesterday Passaris said Sonko has been ignoring her on the running of the city.

“How many functions have happened in Nairobi without me. I wasn’t involved in cleaning the city. It is because the governor did not invite me. It is now clear he looks down upon my office,” she said.

She said she deserved respect and consultation on matters of the city as she garnered over 800, 000 votes. Watch the video below.


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