Nairobi askaris arresting bodaboda operators in CBD.

More than 4, 000 bodabodas have been impounded and fined heavily by the Nairobi County Government for operating within the city centre.

County Assembly tasked the County Roads and Transport department to reveal the number of arrests and prosecutions of bodaboda operators since Governor Mike Sonko administration banned them from accessing CBD.

Over 4, 000 bodabodas have been impounded by City Hall.

“The operators are usually arrested for various reasons such as obstructions, riding on the wrong direction of traffic, dropping passengers in the middle of the road or pavements, parking and driving on pavements” the department stated.

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On Madaraka Day Sonko directed release of about 600 motorcycles impounded by his askaris.

City Hall also admitted that some of their inspectorate officers working in cahoots with cops have been demanding bribes from innocent and culpable bodabodas. (Watch Video Below)

The assembly however insisted the ban on bodabodas is unlawful because the Public Works and Traffic Management Bill has not been passed.


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