Sonko: How much have you spent on Ann Mvuria I refund?

Governor Mike Sonko and Ann Mwangi Mvuria hugging at City Hall.

Hours Ann Mwangi Mvuria was announced the first female chairperson for University of Nairobi Students Association (UNSA), formerly The Students Organization of Nairobi University (Sonu), Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko hosted her.

Sonko took a photo with Anne, holding each other closely that it triggered an interesting debate on his Facebook page but how Sonko responded to some left many convinced the two are not strangers.

“Nairobi beautification goes on. My compliments to my sister and friend Ann Mwangi Mvuria for being elected as the chairperson of UNSA”.

But when a follower asked him if she was his new catch, he was quick to respond; “Shinda yako ni nini na wewe ni mwanaume. Kwani wewe ni shoste?”

Sonko hosting newly elected University of Nairobi Students Association chairperson Ann Mvuria .

But when another asked him to stop posting Anne’s photos, claiming he was her boyfriend, Sonko dropped the question of the day.

“How much have you spent on her so that I refund you plus interests?” the guy claimed “Over Sh50, 000. Do you need her? I can trade a heart”

Sonko replied; “Does this 50K include her beautification?”. And those who asked for her contacts Sonko insisted he would on share her bodyguards’ contacts to reach her.


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