Sonko hoping to increase revenue by taxing city lodgings

Lodgings in Nairobi will be taxed according to bed capacity.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko plans to introduce charges on lodgings and hotels based on their bed and seat capacities to increase county income.

These new charges in the proposed Nairobi City County Finance Bill, 2019 are likely to raise the fee to sleep or eat in city’s facilities.

Lodgings with 10 beds or less will be charged Sh2,500 monthly. Those with between 11 and 50 beds will pay Sh5,000, while those with over 50 beds will part with Sh8,000 monthly.

Lodgings in Nairobi downtown. [Photo: Courtesy]
Restaurants of low status with 20 or less seating capacity will pay Sh2,500 every month and Sh5,000 for those in this category but of high standards.

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Those with between 21 and 50 seats will pay Sh3, 000 for low category and Sh6,000 for high status. Restaurants with over 50 seats will pay Sh4,000 and Sh10,000 for those of high standards.

City restaurants will be taxed according to status and seating capacity. [Photo: Courtesy]


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