Sonko claims he owns over 1, 000 properties and 150 vehicles

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko bragged he is genuinely super-rich, claiming he has over 1, 000 properties and hundreds of cars.

Sonko on NTV’s last night asserted that he built an empire from small businesses in Buruburu, Nairobi. He alleged has not misappropriated or stole public finances and has not engaged in illicit businesses.

“I own properties all the from Lamu to Vanga. I have got over 1, 000 title deeds of properties. Genuine properties I own. And over 150 logbooks of cars which I own. Not stealing” Sonko purported.

Mike Sonko and his wife posing near one of the matatus they operated in Nairobi.

The former jailbird claimed he rose from rags to riches courtesy of matatu business plying Buruburu route, pub, video library, cyber café, spare shop and boutique in Eastlands.

Mike Sonko’s home in Machakos county. [Photo: Courtesy]
“I am the one who started big screens in matatus. In my club Ray C, Ali Kiba, Jaguar, Matonya and Ken Wamaria performed there. Yes I had small cases but not killing or drug trafficking. I was just doing businesses” Sonko claimed.

Some of the luxury cars Mike Sonko purportedly owns. [Photo: Courtesy]


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