Some people using CS Amina’s name to cause anxiety in Kabete Polytechnic-Principal

Kabete National Polytechnic. [Photo: Courtesy]

Kabete National Polytechnic Principal Charles Akach claimed that some unknown people have been peddling lies about the institution for personal gain.

Akach said they have been using Education Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed’s name to scare students, parents and other members of the institution.

“I want to start by informing the parents, trainers, students, non-training staff and the general public that the CID is investigating the source of the alarming and irresponsible statement and in a short while the person(s) will appear in court to answer to the charges” Akach said in a statement.

Story linked to a local media house claimed the institution had been closed indefinitely until 29/02/2019. It said the Education CS Amina Mohammed has taken this action after “A backdrop of grievances from the Kabete Polytechnic students who decried poor learning conditions”.

Kabete National Polytechnic principal Charles Akach. [Photo: Courtesy]
The Principal said the intention was to use the CS’s name to benefit themselves. “Let us not misuse the name of the CS for personal gain. There are compelling reasons why a learning institution can be closed, and when one uses the term indefinitely, it means up to an unknown date or month hence cannot be specific” he said.

“Let us not misuse the name of the CS for personal gain”-Akach

Akach added; “Which students are these that are airing their grievances and whom did they present them to? All learning institutions the world over have challenges and therefore Kabete’s case if at all any, should not be the only learning institution facing challenges”.

The Polytechnic is grappling with inadequacy of facilities to accommodate the students population that has rose from less than 3, 000 students to about 14, 000 students.

Last year Akach said the institution needed about Sh450 million to put more tuition blocks, workshops and laboratories.


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