Some ladies are worth just samosa and eggs-Bishop JJ

Some women prostituting in streets of Nairobi. [Photo: Courtesy]

Killings of young women in sour relationships has prompted Bishop JJ Gitahi to dwell on the matter, urging young women to stop being gold-diggers and have value for themselves.

The bishop said some ladies have turned themselves into worthless beings, pestering men to finance their lifestyle even though they are not familiar with such men.

“Our mothers cost herd of goats but these girls are worth samosa and eggs” Gitahi lamented. Watch his advise below.

He said this breed of women are going to the extremes and it is the reason they are “They are dying like locusts, like mosquitoes. They are gold diggers”.

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“When you are greeted by a man, next minute you are asking money from them. Nisave na 1K na 3K. You have love for sale” Gitahi said.


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