Six sheep raped then killed in Kiambu

The sheep raped and killed at Muguga, Kiambu county. [Photo: Courtesy]

In a devilish, cult-like act, six sheep were sexually assaulted in their enclosure then hacked to death at a home in Muguga, Kiambu County by unidentified people.

The flock was pounced on either Sunday night or early hours of Monday morning. They were raped then slashed with pangas and pierced with fork jembes.

The family found the dead livestock strewn in the kraal on Monday morning. Some had legs missing and genitals for the male sheep.

Martha Wanjiru and her children said they were disturbed by the bestiality meted on their livestock saying they cannot comprehend what was the motive and who the perpetrators are.

“This is just malice because they raped the helpless animals then killed them. Some like male sheep they crushed their heads and legs into pieces, chopped and took away some body parts” said Wanjiru.

Martha Wanjiru inspecting her dead flock. [Photo: Courtesy]
The family said has no disputes or enmity with anybody in the village but what provoked the act is unclear. Police are investigating the attack.



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